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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Smart Meters: Beware! You probably got one!

Here's today's homework:

Go out to where the electric comes into your home.

And look at the meter.

Is it analog with a rotating wheel?

Or is it digital with numbers?

Yikes, that second one is a smart meter!

Luckily, Jamie, I and the small amount of people we were able to warn have "opted out" and we still don't have a smart meter on our home/office.

Thank God!

Because more and more interesting info is unfolding about these smart meters!

In fact, I was talking to a friend who had no smart meter.  She said she saw the FPL man walking up to her house to read the meter just a few days ago.    She apologized to him for having to do this "leg work" rather than her own a smart meter.

You know what this FPL guy told her?

He said:
1.  You were smart not to get it.
2.   It doesn't accurately read the electricity.  It rounds up and averages with homes all around you.  The only true reading of your electrical usage is via an analog meter like you have.  You bill is inflated using a smart meter!!!

OMG!  I kept my analog meter for health reasons and it turns out it is saving me money!

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