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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fluoride: Good or Bad?

I was in my dentist's office yesterday. And there on the wall was a small newspaper clipping: Fluoride Classified as Carcinogen.

I've spoken on this subject---the halogens---the 7th column on the periodic chart many many times to both community and physicians groups. There is just soooo much to say that I can't simply cover it in this blog.

So, I'm going to just say a few things about fluoride and then give my readers some links to where they can "knock themselves out" and learn more.


7th column on the periodic chart -- halogens.

They all have seven electrons in their outer valence ring---and searching for that one additional electron to become a 'stable' octet (8 electrons).

Of all the atoms on that column, I (iodine/iodide) is the only one that is of critical health importance.

The problem is there is a chemical law called 'halogen displacement' that says anything higher on the column pushes out the elements/atoms below it. So that means:

Fluoride pushes out bromide, chloride and iodide

Chloride pushes out bromide and iodide

Bromide pushes out iodide.

See a theme here yet?

That theme is that iodide is getting nuked---and why we are seeing insane 3rd world country levels of iodine/iodide in our clinic population right here in the USA. Why? Because the iodine isn't in our food supply AND all the other halogens that are pushing it right out of our system.

But this blog wasn't suppose to be about iodine/ was suppose to be about fluoride/fluorine (F).

F has the highest electronegativity of ALL elements on the entire periodic table Just look at the table above and you'll see F is red with an electronegativity of 4.0.

What does this means?

This means that F is the ultimate electron hog...the ultimate electron is the best and strongest at stealing electrons from every other molecule else including your own cells, organs, tissues etc. This "stealing electrons" means it is an pro-oxidant. And THAT means it is the OPPOSITE of a anti-oxidant---an electron donor.

Now, look at the electronegativity of oxygen to the left of F---3.5.

What does this mean?

This means that even the vital forces of life itself---electron transport along the mitochondrial chain resulting in precious ATP (pure energy)--are easily disrupted via an atom of F just hanging around in the same neighborhood.

Why? Cuz the F, having a higher electronegativity, will grab those electrons and NOT let oxygen have them---thereby shutting down this vital mitochondrial process.

For those geeks that want more detail about the electron transport chain, here it is:

The electron transport or respiratory chain gets its name from the fact electrons are transported to meet up with oxygen from respiration at the end of the chain. The overall electron chain transport reaction is:
2 H+ + 2 e+ + 1/2 O2 ---> H2O + energy
Notice that 2 hydrogen ions, 2 electrons, and an oxygen molecule react to form as a product water with energy released in an exothermic reaction. This relatively straight forward reaction actually requires eight or more steps. The energy released is coupled with the formation of three ATP molecules per every use of the electron transport chain.
Got the picture?

And that picture is this:

1. The above biochemical process is fundamental to life itself--ATP generation.

2. This process involves the 'transfer of electrons' to oxygen (3.5 electronegativity and strong grabber of electrons).

3. When F is in the same neighborhood, being stronger than O (remember, F has electronegativity of 4.0), the F (not the O) grabs those electrons.

4. End result: Vital biochemical reaction has shut down.

If the above isn't reason enough to eliminate F from your life, how about this: It accelerates aging via the same process above! And this is why Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, the great reseacher, called his book the "The Aging Factor"---his book was right on then and it still is right on!
Sources of fluoride: Water, toothpaste, dental treatments, Teflon cookware, green tea, many Rx drugs, etc...


During my lectures when I remind doctors of their first chemistry class in electronegativity I always see their jaws drop and the sparks fly over their head----OF COURSE FLUORIDE IS A POISON! HOW COULD I HAVE BOUGHT THE BUNK THAT F IS GOOD????

Here's some great links about F....

Parents Against Fluoride Poisoned Children

Fluoride Alert

Best book on the well documented history of how F go into America

Best book documenting how F destroys human health

Click here for website that shows molecular structure of your Rx drug. Just type in your Rx drug name and see if any toxic halogens --- especially F and Br--show up. When I first started checking each and every Rx drug against this website I was amazed how many patients were swallowing F daily and didn't even know it! For example, click here and see how the antibiotic Cipro contains F. You don't have to be a chemist to look at the pretty Cipro molecular structure and see the F. And btw, if your doc tells you the F does stays bound to the Cipro molecule, his opinion is disagreeing with the studies show huge doses of ionic F in the urine after a single dose of Cipro.

(Note: I am NOT advocating the readers stop using their Rx drugs!!! Talk to your doctor if you are concerned...or at the least, come in and let us check your Iodine/iodide levels!)

Get the F out of your life....and heal.

I love you all. Stay tuned...

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