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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sumo Wrestler: Metabolically Healthy or Unhealthy?

Let's look at the Sumo wrestler to the left and make a few observations.

You would guess that our Sumo friend probably has a huge VAT and thus, he has metabolic biomarkers and symptoms associated with Limit-Age Syndrome.

But this is NOT the case.

Sumo wrestlers who are in their prime---meaning they are physically active---have been found to have a relatively little VAT! And since VAT is what is linked to the metabolic biomarkers and symptoms, that is why Sumo Wrestlers are metabolically healthier that the average USA male (ie: their blood biomarkers are better).

The excess fat that you see in an active Sumo wrestler is primarily SCAT....not VAT!

Go figure!....(pun intended)

Upon retirement and becoming less physically active, however, the Sumo wrestler tends to experience a shift toward more VAT and contracting Limit Age Syndrome.

Retired Sumo wrestlers commonly die of premature death soon after their retirement due to huge VAT complications.

At this point I hope all my readers are thinking: "Limit Age Syndrome". Because that's what is happening to our retired Sumo wrestler---he dies very young.

The Sumo wrestler also helps to explain the studies that show that fat people who are also "fit" according to cardio testing are at LESS risk for a cardiac and diabetic complications than their skinny friends who are not "fit".

In other words, " lack of fitness" is an independent risk factor for early death in lean, healthy appearing individuals.

To achieve optimal wellness, we should strive for minimal VAT, minimal SCAT and cardiac fitness.

Yes, while the Sumo's wrestlers abundant SCAT rolls may be unattractive, but due to his physically active lifestyle he is actually metabolically healthier than his smaller, inactive buddies with larger VATs----you know, the rest of us.

The moral of the story is this: We need to get exercise because it preferentially dissolves the VAT----even in the extreme case of Sumo wrestler with a major excess of SCAT.

I love you all. Stay tuned....