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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Scary Sight: Pressurized VAT

At my seminar this last weekend I saw a doctor I had not seen since last year. I was saddened to see how much older he looked----he looked decades older than a mere year ago. I also noticed he had a huge fatty lump at the back base of his neck. As I've discussed in prior Stress blog, this hump is often seen in cases similar to Cushing's (aka: high stress hormone cortisol).

And then I noticed he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Oh no. The Hawaiian shirt is an unhealthy sign---as I've also pointed out in my "Pregnancy Fashions" blog. The wearing of a Hawaiian shirt typically equates to "big VAT".

During one of this weekend's conference classes we were to disrobe as much as possible so that our team partners could perform a physical exam on us---listen to our heart, palpate our abdomen etc.

I guess I've looked at too many abdominal MRI's, because when he took off his shirt my sadness changed to sheer fear.

No joke, his belly was as large (or larger), hard and bulging as the picture to the left. In addition, around his umbilicus (belly button) he had another protrusion which was the size of a small apple. This was obviously a hernia.

Because his belly was so tight and hard with little SCAT to pinch, I knew his belly was filled with VAT.

100% pure pressurized VAT.

And it was that pressurized VAT that was causing part of his "insides" to be pushed right through his abdominal wall---ie: a hernia.

Like I said, I must be reviewing too many abdominal MRIs because all I could envision was his itty bitty organs totally surrounded in massive quantities of VAT. And all that pressure from the VAT and organs pushing up against his abdominal wall. Yikes. It was literally frightening to me. So frightening that I barely noticed if he had "man boobs" or not...

To help you envision what I see, imagine a big 10-20 pound plate of lumpy, sticky, greasy chicken fat. Got the picture? Next, imagine placing a spleen in the middle of that chicken fat---pressing it down firmly into the goo. Next, place the liver. Then the pancreas. Don't forget to put the small and large intestines.

Got the picture?

Do you think his organs have any chance of functioning normally submersed and surrounded by all that hormone spewing VAT?

And as for the buffalo hump on the back of his neck, I dunno if stress caused him to get the buffalo hump and later, gain his VAT. Or if his huge VAT is producing all that cortisol which gave him a buffalo hump. I have no way of knowing without talking to him and finding out which happened first: the stress or the VAT.

But I didn't' speak to him about it. I felt so bad for him. But I didn't say a word for fear of embarrassing him.

After all, I know how it is. The VAT sneaks up on us like a sly, silent fox. Seeing ourself in the mirror every day and pretty much only able to 'pinch' the SCAT, we don''t see the difference in our changing body composition under the abdominal wall---the growing VAT.

So, the first moral of this blog is that VAT accelerates aging. I mentioned this in my first couple blogs but I think it bears repeating. VAT not only makes us look bad, it accelerates the aging process through many processes--one being the production of toxic AGEs---Advanced Glycation Endproducts. With a VAT we are literally caramelizing ourselves....

But there is another lesson from my scary VAT encounter.

At my last few medical seminars I've been at, it has become quite clear that knowledge is NOT power.

Because while each of these physicians have knowledge about VAT (we've been discussing it in our seminars for literally years), knowledge is not enough to keep a huge VAT from appearing within these doctors' own bodies...

No, knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is potential power that is only released when the mind is set in motion.

But more on this later.

I love you all. Stay tuned...