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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liposuction: Behind the Curtain of Oz

I know an acquaintance who works in the liposuction medical arena. So, I decided to pick her brain a bit about what life is like behind the liposuction curtain of Oz.

The bottom-line of our conversation was, and she said these words several times during our conversation was, "The patient MUST change their diet and exercise".

Here's our conversation as best as I can recall:

If patients don't change their diet and exercise, the results can and will be tragic. The reason is that liposuction only removes the SCAT--subcutaneous adipose tissue--on the OUTSIDE of the abdominal wall. As said in prior blogs, this SCAT has a protective role in that while SCAT is ugly, it deters the fat from being deposited in the VAT--visceral adipose tissue--where the fat will do so much more harm.

So, think about it. During liposuction the SCAT cells are removed. Then what if the person does NOT drastically change their diet and exercise? What will happen is the fat will have to be deposited in the SCAT somewhere. If there are some remaining SCAT cells in the area that was liposuctioned, then the fat will be deposited there--but that space will be quickly max'd out because so much of the SCAT cells were removed with liposuction. And thus, the fat will be deposited in another unsightly area.

To illustrate this point I was given several examples. For example, a person can have liposuction of their abdomen and then if the do NOT change their diet and exercise they end up with thick, fat, cottage cheese thighs. And soon, they are begging their lipo doc for liposuction of their thighs---not realizing that the liposuction of SCAT from around their waist caused the fat to go to their thighs.

Another shocking example was of a woman who did not change her diet and exercise program.

Thus, after each liposuction she gained fat but in another location. Over time she has had virtually every part of her body liposuctioned multiple times. So now that she still has not changed her diet and exercise program, her body is storing her fat in a large, unsightly fat lump on her back!

Shocking! But true.

The body has its wisdom. You simply can't trick Mother Nature. And what Mother Nature wants is for us to eat according to our design and get plenty of exercise.

And if we don't, then she is going to store that extra fat first in the VAT and then once the CVATT is reached, the fat will be stored in any other place where a few fat cells reside and thus, can be filled.

Mother Nature is NOT doing this to make us miserable and look gross. Our body is doing this to 'save our life'---because depositing the fat anywhere other than VAT is healthier.

As for that itty bitty, thin, gorgeous woman with a bulge of fat forming on her back, what's next for her now that she's gotten that liposuctioned out?

The way I look at it, she is absolutely no different than the Sumo wrestler discussed in prior blog. Think about it. Like the Sumo wrestler, her SCAT is max'd out. Mr. Sumo's is max'd out because of how big he got. Ms. Lipo is max'd out because she removed all her SCAT cells and thus, she max'd out too.

So, metabolically there is little difference between Mr. Sumo and Ms. Lipo---except that she's skinny.

I'd imagine she's close to reaching a point where there will be no more SCAT left to store her fat---because all her fat cells were all sucked out of her. And thus, the fat will be forced to be stored in her VAT so that she even more greatly surpasses her critical VAT threshold (CVATT).

Just like the Sumo wrestler....

And like Mr. Sumo, a premature death may follow for Ms. Lipo because her SCAT storage areas have been max'd out and thus, there is a fast and rapid deposition of fat into the VAT---at which point all metabolic chaos will break loose in her.

Sad but true.

So, here's the moral of the story: "You can run but you can't hide."

Or, as I have preferred to say it in prior blogs: "You can battle with the Beast (VAT) but you can never bargain with the Beast."

While it is human nature for all of us (myself included) to seek the easiest way through life--such as with a magic pill or magic surgery--we need to face the "facts of life", "put our big girl panties on" and remember what the liposuction pro said "The patient MUST change their diet and exercise."

Because no matter how much you want to believe in the wizardry of Lipo Oz, when you get behind the curtain and see the truth, you must realize that you already have the tools needed to be youthful and full of stamina....

All you have to do is just tap your heels together and let your mind take you there.

More on this later...

I love you all. Stay tuned...