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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lipitor: Thief of Memory....or more?

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I danced both Friday and Saturday nights. Much fun. Great exercise. And, ok, I'll admit it, I'm sure the dancing is doing a number on my neurotransmitters and thus, is giving me a 'high'. Especially the hustle dance which soared me way out there into a stratospheric high! Ahhhhh.......

But like I told someone the other day, if we feel we have to point our 'addictions' in some direction, best we use our addictive tendencies for good rather than evil. Eh?

So, now you know why I've been offline a bit---dancing! Such a "legal" joy it has brought to my life and the life of many others. As I looked around the room last night and watched all the smiling and happy faces "make the music visible" by flowing their body to the beat of the music all I could do was stand there in gratitude......and happiness to see so many of my fellow man feeling bliss in a manner that's not hurting, but helping, their health.

Well, I'm sure you all do not wanna just hear about my dancing weekend. So, let me start changing the course of this blog's dance back toward Limit Age Syndrome....

As my readers now (hopefully) understand, the body is struggling to keep the glucose low (optimal: 80-85) due to the severe toxicity of glucose upon health. The body strives to lower the glucose by storing it as triglycerides, VAT and SCAT. When those areas to "sweep the glucose under the rug" are reaching their max tipping point (and each person has their own unique tipping point) then the glucose starts to rise. Yep, by the time your fasting glucose is even 90 you are clearly on your way to Limit Age Syndrome. Glucose and hemoglobin a1c are the last biomarkers to go up---and, go figure, these last rising biomarkers are the biomarkers your doc is looking for before he treats you with diabetic drugs.

What happens long before you get your diabetic Rx prescription, however, is that you will most likely get a prescription for some cholesterol lowering drug, like Lipitor.

News flash: Your elevated cholesterol problem is a symptom of your Limit Age Syndrome.

The elevating glucose is causing inflammation of your cells, tissues and organs. Think of inflammation as getting scratches or booboos on your arm. Except these booboos are happening inside your arterial system. And what is the natural response to a booboo on your arm? Let's put a band-aid on it, right? And that's what the body is doing. Raising the cholesterol to help protect some of those booboos. Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying things but we have to remember that the elevated cholesterol is not a separate disease----it is Limit Age Syndrome starting to bloom.

As I write this I am reminded of one of my patients. He's a 63 year old male with Limit Age Syndrome. His fasting glucose was 97 but his cholesterol was high and he was on Lipitor.

When I told him that his high cholesterol was due to his Limit Age Syndrome (ie: his lifestyle) he said "Oh no. I asked my doctor why I had this elevated cholesterol and he specifically told me it was genetic and there was nothing I could do about it."

Well, the truth is there is a form of "familial hypercholesterolemia" due to genetics. But in these cases the cholesterol is far higher than his and the person has had their high cholesterol readings go all the way back to their youth.

So, I asked him "Tell me the history of your high cholesterol."

And he told me about how it had just started going up in the last few years and that's when the doc put him on Liptor.

So, seriously, without even cracking a smile I looked at him and said to his left brained, analytical engineering mind " So, I'm just curious what doc and medical facility gave you your gene DNA transplant?"

He looked at me perplexed. Blinked a few times. And then a long pause. I could see the dust bunnies begin to shake loose on the cog wheels of his mind. Silence.

And then he said: "Ah......ummmmm.... I didn't get any DNA gene transplant."

And just as matter of factly I responded, "Well, if your high cholesterol is due to your genes AND you didn't get a DNA gene transplant AND you have the same genes as when you were younger when your cholesterol was normal, then how do you explain all that?"

Another long pregnant (aka: VATty) pause I continued to say....

"Because I don't agree with your doctor. I do NOT believe your high cholesterol is due to your genes. I believe your high cholesterol is due to your lifestyle".

Once he "got" what I was saying, he "made up his mind" and literally overnight he became one of my best, most compliant patients ever. It has now been several years and he still is off Lipitor, has excellent biomarkers and looks/acts 10-20 years younger than his 60's age. In fact, he's off every one of his Rx as they were all needed due to the lifestyle he was living prior to seeing me.

Because I see so many patients with what appears to be their first Limit Age Syndrome/Diabetic Rx---Lipitor---I would like to make a few interesting comments about this drug. Perhaps knowing a little about this drug will scare people straight enough to "change their lifestyle" so that they, too, don't need to take Lipitor to reduce their cholesterol.

Note: No matter what I say after this point it does NOT mean I am recommending that you stop taking your Lipitor! Heavens no! I'm saying that we should change our lifestyle so Lipitor is no longer one of our "recommended food groups".

Let's start by reminding everyone that pretty much all drugs are poisons. Yes, there are a few exceptions like Synthroid (synthetic T4 thyroid hormone) or Premarine (synthetic estrogen derived from Pregnant Mares Urine---hence the name), but most drugs would not work if they weren't a poison. In other words, the "mode of action" of most drugs is that they poison a biochemical step---thus, causing the removal of the symptoms.

Of course, doctors don't feel comfortable saying "I'm going to give you this toxic poison in the hope of healing you."

Because if the docs did share this truth with their patients, most every patient with half a cell of common sense in their brain would say "You want me to take a toxic poison for the rest of my life....... and you call that a healing?"

So, our medical community uses nice, sweeter words such as "inhibitor" or "blocker"---these substitute words are much easier on the ears than "toxic poison".

There are many many examples. Prosac and Zoloft are SSRI's---selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Several high blood pressure drugs are angiotensin inhibitors. And how about COX-2 inhibitors like Vioxx? COX-2 inhibitors are responsible for inhibiting a biochemical reaction responsible for pain and inflammation.

But what became acutely obvious with Vioxx, when you swallow an "inhibitor" or "blocker" drug, the drug is inhibiting COX2 everywhere in the body---not just in your aching knee joint.

And that's when you sit back and wait to experience the drug's side-effects----the effects of poisoning....I mean inhibiting, that chemical reaction everywhere in your body. And sometimes these side-effects are so obviously life threatening that the drugs are voluntarily or involuntarily removed from market. Vioxx being just one recent 2004 voluntary recall.

Btw, if you haven't viewed Side Effects, the movie, I highly recommend it! It is a true story, written, directed and produced by a former top performing drug representative.

But I digress....back to Lipitor.

Lipitor is a "HMG inhibitor".

More specifically Lipitor is a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitor. But can't we just say HMG inhibitor for short?

HMG is an early and rate-limiting biochemical step in cholesterol biosynthesis. In other words, HMG is the enzyme responsible for making cholesterol in your body.

This same HMG enzyme is also responsible for making CoQ10 for your body.

CoQ10 is a very important substance as it is vital in the last step of the Kreb Cycle to product ATP. ATP, pure energy, is needed by the whole body but especially the metabolically active organs such as the liver, kidney, muscles, brain and heart. Especially the heart because the heart takes no vacations and is working 24/7.

So, if you are listening intently, are you having some cognitive dissonance? Lipitor lowers your cholesterol by poisoning, I mean "inhibiting" HMG which is supposedly to help your cardio system. But at the same time the Lipitor is lowering your vital reserves of CoQ10 which is also vital for your heart.

See a problem?

That's why if you are on Lipitor most all alternative docs recommend you take quite a bit of CoQ10 along with it and even for a few months after stopping to Lipitor.

Now, most of my health conscious readers are not surprised by the above CoQ10 factoid. We've known about it and chatted about it for years and years now.

But here's something you may not know. And most docs did not know as I travelled the country for over a year sharing this vital information to open-minded physician groups......

Lipitor contains fluorine!

See the itty bitty F hanging off that molecule?


But how can I explain in one blog how important "F's" are in our environment and drug supply when it took me over six hours and 600 slides to explain it in a medical seminar?

Answer: I can't.

And thus, I'm going to get on with my life today. I have not yet enjoyed my morning "liquid meditation" (aka: swimming laps) and crave it so right now.

Thus, I will leave this "F" discussion for my next few blogs. Don't miss reading them! Important info to know even if you are not taking Lipitor yourself.

Hope you all have a groovy, cool Sunday. Rock on.

I love you all. Stay tuned.