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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cracking the Male Ego---With Love

My liquid meditation (ie: swimming laps) this a.m. was.....different.

The pool was overfilled and cooler than usual---due to the down pour we had last night. But the most noticeable difference was how "silky" the water felt. Each stroke felt like I was brushing silk. And I could feel my mind begin to soften....

Given this "softening experience", I would like to explain why I have been so hard on the men during my last few blogs.

Any physician will tell you that their practice is predominately women. Women, for whatever reason, are more apt to feel it when there is something wrong with their health and in turn, seek help. When a woman is told by her doctor that her blood work is normal and thus, she is fine, she doesn't believe the physician for a second. Women know their bodies. And no doctor is going to tell them that they are "fine" when they know exactly how they feel.

And that, bluntly, is why my practice, too, is predominately women---women seeking help after their current physician told them they are "fine", its "all in their head" or worse, loaded them on sex hormones and/or anti-depressants to cure all their woes.

In short, women listen to their body. Women know when something is wrong. And women won't take a pat on the head and "you are fine" when they clearly know something is "not right".

Men, on the other hand, are completely different creatures. Many times men will let a problem go on far too long before seeking help.

While a woman tends to seek help when she senses something is "not right" during her flight of life, a man, on the other hand, typically won't seek help until he's pretty much reached the crashed and burning stage of the flight. I dunno why. All I know is that this is the typical scenario. Of course, there are some men that are not this way. But by far the majority of men don't seek help until the proverbial horse is out of the barn, down the street and in the next county.

So, that is why I have to be more "in the face" of a man. For whatever reason, the man seems to remain in the "denial" stage of the grief process for much much longer than a woman. I've seen men have heart attacks and "deny" it away.

It is an unbelievable thing to witness. I dunno why. I just know it "is".

So, please don't think me cruel. I am trying to get through to these men that "don't yet get it".

And sometimes the best way to get through to a man is to talk about taking away what he treasures most---his manhood.

And THAT is exactly what our obesity epidemic is doing---it is feminizing our men.

In addition to many other things, the mega male VAT epidemic is raising the male estrogen level, inflaming his prostate so he has to get up to pee 5x a night, growing him boobies and, if that isn't enough, gives him a cardiac/circulation disorder whose evidence is manifested as an inability to "get it up" or "keep in up"---ie: erectile dysfunction.

Yes, men are losing their manhood because of their lifestyle choices---it is that pure and simple. (Side note: Well, actually, it is not that "pure and simple" because the xenoestrogens---foreign toxic compounds that act like estrogens in our body, like pesticide---are having a significant impact too. )

And someone has to stand-up and talk about this epidemic problem that is sweeping the country. How come no one is screaming about this? How come we don't hear about this every day on the news like we hear about the projected swine flu deaths?

Answer: Follow the money. There is so much more money to be made in medicating the symptoms than in revamping our synthetic food supply.

Our men our becoming less manly---and someone has to point out that the cause of their problems is NOT a deficiency of Viagra or BPH drugs or breast reduction surgery.

The cause is their lifestyle....and THAT is why it is called "Limit Age Syndrome"---"Lifestyle Induced Metabolic Inflexibility and AGEing Syndrome.

In other words, it is all lifestyle induced!

Need an example? Ok, here's one. One day I had both a husband and wife as dual patients. They both ran free sex hormone levels. The man had quite a VAT on him. The woman was slender, menopausal and never taken HRT.

When I got the results back it was interesting to note that the estradiol (estrogen) was much higher in the man than in the woman's lab results. No, the results weren't mixed at the lab.

When it came time to discuss the lab results with them I covered up their names and handed both copies to the man. I asked, "Can you guess which lab belongs to you and which belongs to your wife?"

Proudly he said "Yes, this is my wife's because the estrogen is so much higher than mine."

And then he removed the sticky that covered their names.

It was at that point that I had his attention in regard to his VAT. What man would want to be more female than his wife?

Well, I guess when it comes to this topic I was completely unable to remain "soft and silky" for very long, eh. ? For that, I apologize.

Please know that I really do love you all, especially the men who need to get this message loud and clear.

I have much more interesting stuff to discuss in soon-to-be-released blogs. Including how and why a huge Sumo wrestler can actually be "healthier" than a itty bitty, stick-thin gal who has had her entire body liposuctioned.

Go figure.....(pun intended).

Stay tuned....