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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VAT: Up Close and Personal

Today has been an exceptionally busy day. I saw patients. And then I gave my community seminar till 9 pm which was a repeat/review on Youthification held a week ago. A special thanks to the many attendees tonight. We were packed again and I am so honored that you come to hear little ol' me talk about whatever comes to mind--including my 'splits' on stage? Go figure on what we end up discussing, eh?

Because I had worked so hard today, I had to get some fun in and thus, got a dance fix until about 10:30 pm tonight. However, after all that work and fun I just realized that has left me only a few minutes to get today's blog up! Yikes! So here goes...a quickie blog!

It seems like the more I talk about V.A.T., the more it seems to fall on deaf ears. I've been thinking often that I feel like a nag and I just need to stop talking about the V.A.T.

But I can't!

The V.A.T. is a key player/cause of much of the health chaos we are seeing in patients today. I just can't stop talking about it because it is the root cause of so many of today's health problems!

Fix the V.A.T....kill the beast, and so many other downstream problems simply vanish!

Do you terrify small children when you are in a swimsuit at the beach? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Do you refuse to join others at beach or pool parties? Bet you got a V.A.T.

When you are sunning at the pool or beach do your friends jokingly point at you and scream "Beached whale!"? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Has any child innocently inquired "Is grandma (or grandpa) gonna have a baby?" Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got erectile dysfunction and can't "get or keep it up"? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got diabetes? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got cysts on your ovaries? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got sleep apnea insomnia? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got hair growing on your face...and you are female? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got boobies....and you are a male? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got chest pain? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Having a stroke? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got hormonal symptoms with thyroid or sex hormones? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got elevated total cholesterol? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got elevated BAD (LDL) cholesterol? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got triglycerides above 75? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got fasting glucose above 90? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Got high blood pressure? Bet you got a V.A.T

Got lots of autoimmune-like inflammatory systemic pain? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Chronically exhausted? Bet you got a V.A.T.

Depressed? Bet you got a V.A.T.

I don't get the impression that people really understand what the V.A.T. is. Because if they did understand what the V.A.T. really was, well, frankly, they'd be as scared of it as I am....!!!

Please understand this: The V.A.T. is NOT some inert mass of stored fuel.

As I've said many times, the V.A.T. is a metabolically active piece of tissue that has been classified as an endocrine organ because of all the inflammatory chemical messengers and hormones it is spewing off. The bigger the V.A.T., the more hormones spewing forth.

In short, the V.A.T. is alive!!!

And that's why over the years I've nicknamed the V.A.T. "The Beast".

In today's blog I want to show you pictures of what the "The Beast" really looks like.

The V.A.T. is not a bunch of fat on just the outside of the body. As this picture below shows, first you have the subcutaneous fat which is outside the abdominal wall. And then BEHIND the abdominal wall lies our beastly enemy---the visceral adipose tissue...aka: V.A.T.

The next thing I'd like you to envision is that the tire belly you see on the outside is also "pointing inward" too. In other words, the V.A.T. is also surrounding all our important organs and impacting how they function.

I love the picture below because it says it all:

The white is the spinal cord running along your backside.

The red is the abdominal wall---the muscle that gets hard when you do sit ups.

The pink is on the outside of the abdominal wall and is called subcutaneous fat.

The green are our important organs such as liver, kidney, intestines, spleen, pancreas etc.

And now look at all that yellow which is the V.A.T!

In the MRI of this person below, the VAT clearly takes up more space than the organs themselves!

The VAT is not only unsightly it is downright dangerous to human health. Not to mention that many times the VAT destroys our confidence and our ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

Personally, I have many sad memories of missing the enjoyment of pool parties/activities with my friends all due to my V.A.T. Not to mention the hurtful "beached whale" laughter that just returned to my conscious thoughts while writing this blog.....

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that these pictures said an additional thousand words to you---because its time for this gal to get "up close and personal" with some melatonin.

I love you all....stay tuned.