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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girly Men and Manly Women

Good evening readers....Welcome back to our continuing saga "The Perils of Portliness".

Otherwise known as the Limit-Age Syndrome and the attack of the killer V.A.Ts.

In this blog, and for just a few more, I am going to continue to drown you in VAT factoids. My goal is to drive each and every one of my readers from the 'bargaining with the beast" stage of the grief cycle to the next stage: DEPRESSION.

Yes, my goal is to drive my readers to full-blown DEPRESSION.

No, I'm not trying to be cruel. But I know from personal and professional experience that we must each go through all stages of the grief cycles so that we can finally get to 'acceptance'. Because it is only when we get to the 'acceptance' stage that we are ready to make the necessary changes to save our own life.

The two stages that I've seen people stay in for literally years is the "bargaining" stage and the "depression" stage. I'm hoping that my prior blog "Bargaining with the Beast" helped you realize faster than several weeks, months and years that you can't bargain with the beast!

Many have tried! All have failed!

Just the other day another person approached me and said that our program had worked beautiful for him---he lost his weight, his cholesterol normalized, his blood pressure normalized etc. But then he moved out-of-state for a year. He thought he could "Bargain with the Beast". And before he knew it, the beast was out of hibernation and all his health problems had returned in full force. It was clear he was bummed. But the bright side is this: He's been to the other side of the mountain. He knows what it looked and felt like to be without Limit-Age Syndrome. And he's motivated to do it all again. But he will remember this time that you can never bargain with the beast....

If my "Bargaining with the Beast" blog was successful, then you, my readers are primed to enter the next stage and become depressed. Yippee! We are making progress!

I am going to do this by just a few more blogs of V.A.T. factoids. And then when I feel we are hopefully all sufficiently depressed by the "facts of life", I will reveal the door of hope.

Because the bottom-line is this: People are unwilling to make significant changes in their life unless the pain of their lifestyle exceeds the pleasure they get from their lifestyle.

So, let's get rocking...and get kicked where it hurts most---in our gonads (ie: sex organs)!

It is well know that the VAT has a high density of androgen (male hormone) receptors. When it comes to testosterone, however, the effects of Limit-Age Syndrome have opposite effects on men and women.

In men, VAT is strongly negatively correlated with plasma total and free testosterone. This means that the larger a man's VAT, the less testosterone hormone he has circulating in his blood stream. In other words, men with VATs are literally less manly (less testosterone) than their VAT-free brothers.

In men whose plasma total/free testosterone are high (aka: manly men), their VATs are small.

The story is the opposite for women however....

In a woman, as her VAT enlarges she gets an elevation of total testosterone and free testosterone. This is because the high insulin stimulates ovarian androgen production and many times will also cause ovarian cysts. Women who have elevated testosterone from their VAT are blessed with more muscle than their VAT-free sisters. I for one am very jealous of this--my VATty sisters muscle mass. However, my VATty sisters are also much more prone to have male pattern baldness as well as to find anywhere from a few to many extra hairs growing on their face. Yikes! No thank you! I'm no longer jealous of my VATty sisters muscle mass if it comes with the price tag of hair growth on my face and hair loss on my head---I prefer to keep my smaller muscles and minimal hair just the way it is....thank you very much!

VAT loss in both sexes has consistently shown to reverse the abnormalities in testosterone levels mentioned above.

So there you have it.

VAT makes men girlie---ie: less testosterone.

VAT makes women manly---ie: more testosterone and resultant muscularity and hair growth on face (and sometimes male pattern baldness due to the conversion of the elevated testosterone to dht).

As for me, I'm a woman and I prefer to retain my feminine qualities---which means keeping my testosterone within in optima range for a female. And to keep my testosterone levels more like a feminine woman, I know I must keep my VAT minimized.

How about you men out there? Isn't it motivating/depressing enough knowing that your VAT is linked to lower testosterone and erectile dysfunction? Think about it...

Hear ye, hear ye all men!!! If the above isn't enough to depress you, to motivate you to battle the beast, to scare you away from your favorite forbidden food, to get on our food plan, and to take just a few very important supportive supplements then I guess, for you, I will need to blog about the growing epidemic (no pun intended) of gynecomastia---man boobs.

I leave all men with this question to "chew on" for the next few days: Exactly how much manhood do you need to lose to be motivated enough to change your lifestyle?

I love you all. Stay tuned....

Note: I'm going to a medical conference and thus, unable to make future posts until Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend!