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Friday, October 4, 2013

Beating Insomnia

It seems like I'm seeing more and more people with insomnia these days.  Soooo, time to blog about it!

Because like everything in health and medicine these days, it seems like seemingly simple disorders (like insomnia or headache or obesity etc) are having more and more multi-factorial and complex causes......

First of all, let me say if you have insomnia I FEEL YOUR PAIN!  I know very well what it feels like to go without sleep.  And I also know very well how fantastic it feels to sleep well!  So, let's just say I have a personal interest and experience in the area of insomnia. 

There are many causes of insomnia and a person's insomnia could be due to one or many of these reasons all at once.


The brain puts off and is effected by electro fields.  In the study of the mind and mental states through the electroencephalogram (EEG), four different states or types of waveforms have been characterized by neurologists.  A recent study has found a new waveform:  a waveform running much faster than Beta.  Its called Gamma waveform and it is found on the EEG's of pilots as they land a plane!

Each of these waveforms has a different electrical frequency associated with it.  The term HERTZ is a unit of frequency and is defined as "cycles per second".

Gamma waves.........hyperactive..........................40+ hertz
Beta waves..............awake and alert..................13 - 40 hertz
Alpha waves............relaxed................................8 - 12 hertz
Theta waves.............near sleep, lucid dreaming....3-7 hertz
Delta waves.............sleep................................  0.5 - 2 hertz

Below is a picture of different brain waves.  See how the Beta waves are a sine wave that goes up and down many times during 1 second?  And how the Delta waves are a sine wave that goes up and down much less frequency during 1 second?

So, the question is what keeps our brains from mellowing out and going into the deep bliss of Delta waves?
Answer:  Many things. Let's discuss.

Imagine that you are in a high tower and need to get to the basement.  Many times in these tall buildings there is one elevator that will take you from the top to the middle of the building BUT NOT TO THE BASEMENT.  You have to get out of that elevator and get on another elevator to go the rest of the way to the basement.

That is how I like to think that the brain works.  We need "certain things" for our brain to calm from beta to theta.  And we need "other things" to get our brain to go even deeper into Delta.


One of the most common and most overlooked causes of brain waves being "too many hertz" to fall or stay asleep is the exposure to external electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  EMFs are given off by all electrical appliances -- and are at the rate of 60 hertz.  Read that again. 60 hertz is put off by electrical appliances and your brain would do what if it, like a tuning fork, began to resonate at 6o hertz?

Yep, if your head is next to a clock radio which I guarantee you is putting off a 60 hertz field, your brain is going to, like a tuning fork, will adapt the radio's 60 hertz.  And 60 hertz is far far away from deep sleep.

So, the very first and most important thing to do is to move all electrical appliances 8 feet away from the bed -- including what is on the other side of the wall where you head is lying.  This includes baby monitors and portable phones and cell phones! Because EMFs go right though cement and woodframe and drywall without problem.  And get that cell phone even farther away from the bed!

To be absolutely sure the EMFs are low you should test your sleeping area with a Trifield Meter.  You can rent this meter from us for $20 for several days of use.  Via using the Trifield meter, several patients have found miswiring in their homes, neutrals disconnected and/or extreme EMFs coming from nearby transformers, power lines, substations etc that was the cause of high EMFs and thus, their insomnia.

Once you are sure that the plain vanilla 60 hz waves are not a problem near your bed, now you have to worry about the recent mega increase use of cell phones and cell phone towers.  In fact, I think the cell phone towers, WiFi and cell phones by the bed are one of the reasons for increasing insomnia I am seeing in the clinic.  Cell phones operate in the 800 to 2200 MEGAhertz range.  This is a frequency that is substantially higher than the plain vanilla 60 Hertz -- and thus, it is far more disturbing to our tender neurons that need to 'relax' down to 1 Hertz or less at bedtime.  WiFi operates at 2.4 or 5.0 Ghz (billions!) of cycles per second!  And 'dirty electricity' which has exploded too in recent years is in the KHz range (thousands) of cycles per second.  Yikes!  And yes, our clinic has answers to all of these in order to address the 'root cause' of your EMF insomnia!

Believe it or not there are things to REALLY protect you from cell phone frequencies (and there are many things that claim to but in reality don't per scientific testing).

The most complicated but effective way to protect yourself is to turn your sleeping area and/or home into a Faraday cage.  A Faraday cage is an enclosure that blocks external static and non-static electric fields. You can achieve this via 1) painting your exterior/interior walls with a special "metal laced" paint; 2) lining your walls with radiant barrier foil; or 3) draping your sleeping area with a cloth that has metal embedded into it.  Keep in mind that if you use the paint or radiant barrier foil you will get little/no cell phone reception inside your home!  The least complicated way is to turn OFF your cell phone and turn OFF your WiFi at night!  But no matter, borrow our microwave meter and MEASURE your microwaves in  your sleeping area/home.  There very well may be something you are missing -- such as the patient that found it was her PRINTER that was microwaving her brain!  Or the other patient that found it was her CORDLESS PHONE that was microwaving her brain!  Or the other patient that found it was the SMART METER on the other side of her head that was microwaving her brain!!

Bottom line:  You do NOT get what you expect.  You get what you INSPECT.  MEASURE your microwaves by borrowing one of our microwave meters that reaches up into the 8.0 Ghz range (otherwise you'll miss a lot of microwave exposure!).

Yours truly, me, was able to get off my sleep aids once I discovered the EMF link to insomnia.


My first major experience with insomnia started after I was unknowingly overloaded with pesticide.  Shortly after detoxing from the pesticide (a tricky and difficult thing to do I might add) I had a patient come in who was complaining of insomnia.  Like me, she had the "pesticide toxic clue" in her blood work -- which is a HDL of  >60 or a cholesterol/HDL ratio of < 2.9.

This patient claimed that she hadn't slept in 3 years.  I had a hard time believing that.  No sleep in 3 years?  Really?  She swore this was the case.  And after I got her adrenal studies back I BELIEVED HER. Because her stress hormones were so high it looked like she was living on crack cocaine!  She indeed never slept -- and she was running during the day 100% on stress hormones!

I told her she had the "pesticide toxic clue" and that could be behind her anxiety and insomnia.  She disagreed.  But when nothing else worked we explored the pesticide.  And guess what?  Her anxiety went away, her insomnia went away, her cholesterol/HDL normalized and her adrenal hormones normalized.  And that was nearly 10 years ago and she's still doing fine.  Today she WILL tell you it was indeed pesticide -- and recalls now that her problems started in an old apartment that she bug bombed a lot....

Pesticide creates insomnia via several mechanisms -- one being it raises adrenal hormones and the other being by raising glutamate in the brain.

The "root cause" cure is to rid the pesticide.  But until that brings relief, I give something to counteract the increased adrenaline and glutamate from the pesticide.  And the best stuff to do that is Sweet Relaxation and/or Kavinace.


As stated above, the pesticide acts as an excitotoxin to the brain and thus, making its Hertz hyper.  But there are many other excitotoxins in our environment -- such as MSG and aspartame to name just a couple.  The bottom line is to eat a clean, unprocessed diet to avoid a near endless list of excitotoxins.  In fact, one of the excitotoxins you may be buying at the health store!  Never buy/use a mineral or vitamin c supplement that adds aspartic acid or aspartate.  For example, Emergen C uses these.  And there are many mineral supplements such as "Potassium Aspartate" or "Magnesium Aspartate" that should be avoided like the plague.  In fact, these compounds are outlawed in other countries due to their excitotoxicity to the brain.  Don't worry, I am very aware of these excitotoxic issues and never carry these products in my clinic.


I'll be one of the few docs you'll hear about this from!  

First you need to understand that our brain is made out of phospholipids -- vibrating phospholipids! And the faster these phospholipids vibrate, the higher the Hertz (and the less calm and more insomnia).

The "make-up" of these phospholipids determines how quickly they will vibrate.  Some of the phospholipids are made out of stiff fatty acids.   And other fatty acids are made out of fatty acids with many double bonds and thus, they flip and flop all over the place.

When I'm trying to explain this concept to a patient I pick up a stiff pencil and shake it....thus, showing how fast a stiff pencil will vibrate in my hand.  And then I pick up a rubber band -- symbolizing a highly flexible fatty acid -- and vibrate it in my hand.

It is easy for the patient to see that the rubber band is flying all over the place.  And the pencil vibrates but much more calmly.

The "eat fish" and "take mega doses of fish oil" propaganda has hurt many a person -- as I see them all the time in the clinic.  If they aren't mercury poisoned from the fish then their membranes are too flexible due to the fish oil overdose.

Bottom-line:  When brain phospholipids are too flexible, they can't help but vibrate too fast....and if this is the insomnia case in you, fish and fish oil is especially poisonous to you.


GABA is the primary calming and inhibitory neurotransmitter that we have in the brain.  This neurotransmitter offsets or is an antagonist to the primary excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain -- GLUTAMATE. 

This is why when you go to the typical doctor for insomnia help he/she gives you an Rx that raises GABA.

Unfortunately, these drugs are highly addictive and they do not address the root cause -- because rarely does the patient have a deficiency of GABA!!!  The real problem is the high glutamate from excitotoxins/pesticides or high EMFs etc.

This is also why I see so many people turning into alcohol abusers these days.  Between the "wine is good for you" propaganda and our insomnia epidemic, people are using glasses of wine before bed to sleep!  And yes, it works by raising GABA.  But at what cost?  Plenty!!

Yes, these addictive drugs and alcohol do work to calm the brain Hertz. But these drugs and alcohol do NOT help the body go into the deep restorative sleep -- a different "elevator" is needed to get into the deep restorative sleep.  

For these folks I use Sweet Relaxation and/or Kavinace.  Do NOT mix with a Rx sleeping aid though as they work on the same axis/path and overdose is possible.  The reason Kavinace is so special is that it is in a form that passes the blood brain barrier.

Last but not least I should stress that GABA is not GABA is not GABA.  It took me years to realize that GABA alone really doesn't work very well.  And that to work I either needed a rare form of GABA such is what is in Kavinace to pass the blood brain barrier OR mix the GABA with inositol which really seems to increase its potency.  So don't give up on GABA until you've tried these two...and remember, never mix these with the MD insomnia rx as they work on the same axis and it would result in a possible overdose.


There is a synergistic effect between progesterone and GABA.  Thus, if a woman already has a bad GABA/Glutamate ratio (giving her a tendency toward anxiety and/or insomnia), she might not feel that imbalance as acute insomnia until she gets into the peri-menopause era of her life. 

Again, we have to ask ourselves "Why didn't my grandmother have these insomnia issues when she went through menopause?"

And the reason is because good ol' grandmom didn't have the EMFs or excitotoxins raising our glutamate.  And the more glutamate one has, the more GABA they need to feel calm.

For these types, a dose of bioidentical oral progesterone before bed works wonders.


Cortisol, an adrenal stress hormone, is suppose to be low at night.  But in some people it is high and makes them "ready to clean house" when they should be sound asleep.

Sometimes the cortisol goes up due to lack of adequate glucose in the blood (so the body raises cortisol to maintain glucose).  When this is the cause, a snack before bed like a few nuts or a tablespoon of almond butter will do the trick.

Other times the cortisol is high because the person simply didn't get into bed early enough and their adrenals are firing up for the next day's worth of work.

The solution for these people is to get into bed with PJ's on and teeth brushed by 9 pm.  Just sit there and read.  Do NOT use the internet or watch TV! And when you feel tired, let yourself fall asleep without a need to get up and do anything like brush your teeth or anything.

Also, for these types we give a product called Cortisol Manager -- 2 before bed.


As mentioned above, we need two elevators to get to bliss filled sleep.  We need one elevator to lower our brainwaves out of hyper-ville and make a feel more mellow -- such as the use of 1) grounding; 2) raising GABA 3) lowering glutamate 4) lowering adrenal stress hormones and 5) maintaining balanced neuro phospholipids.

The second elevator to get us to the basement of deep sleep involves the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a tiny gland in the center of your head and directly midpoint between your two eyes.  In fact the pineal is called the "3rd eye" because it is loaded with "light receptors" just like your regular eyes!

So, one of the most basic yet IMPORTANT things we need is complete darkness in our room so that our pineal can release melatonin.  This is why I recommend a huge eye mask---so large it covers all avenues for the light to hit either the eyes or the pineal.  However, studies are showing that even even the use of the internet with its vibrating frequency and the light color that stimulates the pineal brings on insomnia. Thus, I tell people no internet after 7 pm!

Even if there are no lights and no internet, many people have a near impossibility producing the melatonin to take us into the deep realms of sleep.

The reason for this is that their pineal has been CALCIFIED.  The calcified pineal is so commonly seen that most doctors will say it is normal!  But there is NOTHING normal about anything in our body becoming calcified.

 Here's a picture of a commonly found CALCIFIED pineal.

So here's the problem:  We need our pineal gland to make melatonin so we can go into deep, restorative sleep.  But in order to do that, the pineal gland can't be calcified AND needs to have exposure to zero light.

The most common reason the pineal gland is calcified in people as young as in their teens is FLUORIDE as found in water, dental products and many drugs including antibiotics!   And the strongest antagonist we have to fluoride (or any toxic halogen) is IODINE/IODIDE.  So, you see, this is another important result of avoiding fluoride like the plague as well as taking your daily iodine!

However, while we are awaiting for the pineal gland to work correctly, some people need to actually take melatonin.

In my clinic I use several forms of melatonin depending on the patient's needs:

1.  Nightynite:  SUSTAINED RELEASE melatonin.  This is for people that can fall asleep ok but have trouble staying asleep.

2.  Sleepytime:  SUBLINGUAL IMMEDIATE release melatonin.  This is for people that need an immediate release of melatonin

3.  5htp-cr:  This is a controlled release form of 5HTP -- which is only one metabolic step away from serotonin (anti-depression and anti-anxiety) and then one more metabolic step away from melatonin.  By giving in the form of 5htp, I let the body decide if it wants to be made into serotonin or into melatonin.  But of course, this assumes the pineal is working to make the melatonin.  If this doesn't work, then I use any of the other forms of melatonin -- keeping in mind that melatonin is pretty much the end of the line -- it doesn't turn into anything else.  So if a person takes way too much melatonin OR sets an alarm before 8-10 hours is up, they might feel groggy getting up. 5htp has a less chance of this happening.

 4.  Homeopathic melatonin:  Most gentle from of melatonin available since in homeopathic form.

Now a few final comments on melatonin.

It is said on the internet that melatonin causes nightmares.  This is true -- if you take too little!!!  I've seen this happen several times.  Here's the reasoning:  We need that second elevator to take us deep into the basement of deep sleep so we can work out all the crazy stuff that happened to us during the day.  And we need to do this in a state of DEEP SLEEP.  If we don't take enough melatonin then we are put into a light sleep -- we are sleeping but we are half awake too and thus actually are "living the dreams" -- very much like lucid dreaming.  Solution:  Take more, preferred Nightynite which is time release, and the nightmares go away because you are making it down into the deep basement of sleep.

The other thing that can happen with melatonin is some will say that they can't take it cuz they awake groggy.  Many times this groggy feeling is NOT the melatonin's fault as much as it is the user's fault for not allowing enough time to stay asleep!  So, for example, if you've been sleep deprived, you will need approximately one month of 10-12 hours sleep per night to catch up.  Thus, you have no business going to bed late and awaking to alarm/light in the morning.  Of course you will be groggy!  In these cases I recommend the patient go to bed earlier and earlier and sleep as much as they can until 6-7 am.  In my case, I would leave the clinic at 6:30 and say "goodnight" because I knew I'd be in bed and asleep by 7:30 and I actually slept until 7 the next morning!  But after a month of this I started awakening refreshed at 4 and 5 am.  This is when I knew it was time to go to bed later.  Now I know the sweet spot for bed is between 9 and 10 (at latest) and I sleep soundly and deeply until 6-7 am.

So many people "say" that 8 hours of sleep is recommended and preferred -- when really the sweet amount for most people is 8-10 hours.

With all this said, there are some people (rare) who can't metabolize the melatonin out of their system very quickly.  And these people do best with the 5htp-cr -- timed release 5htp -- thus body will make what it wants of melatonin and keep the rest as serotonin.


Right now we are going through another propaganda phase where taking lots of calcium pills and celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt is good for you.  No way!

Both of these elements calcium and sodium, counteract and push out our vital stores of CALMING magnesium and potassium.

In fact, I recommend patients do a lot of fresh veggie juicing, no dairy and (in most cases) have them add some potassium to their veggie drinks.  Many comment how much more relaxed they feel --- and sure enough, potassium deficiency is linked to agitation!

Cramps at night are almost a sure sign of magnesium and/or potassium deficiency going on.  So taking some of this prior to bed has helped many a person to sleep as well. 


Sometimes people can't sleep because they have too much "stuff" on their mind.  In this case, EVOX works wonders and I commonly hear how the patient is sleeping since we've resolved their emotional issues via EVOX.

I sure hope this quick blog on insomnia help you!  I really do remember well how bad I felt without sleep!  I feel like I've had personal experience with just about every "cause" of insomnia there is.  So be a patient some experiments....and find out what works for you.

I love you all.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Smart Meters: Beware! You probably got one!

Here's today's homework:

Go out to where the electric comes into your home.

And look at the meter.

Is it analog with a rotating wheel?

Or is it digital with numbers?

Yikes, that second one is a smart meter!

Luckily, Jamie, I and the small amount of people we were able to warn have "opted out" and we still don't have a smart meter on our home/office.

Thank God!

Because more and more interesting info is unfolding about these smart meters!

In fact, I was talking to a friend who had no smart meter.  She said she saw the FPL man walking up to her house to read the meter just a few days ago.    She apologized to him for having to do this "leg work" rather than her own a smart meter.

You know what this FPL guy told her?

He said:
1.  You were smart not to get it.
2.   It doesn't accurately read the electricity.  It rounds up and averages with homes all around you.  The only true reading of your electrical usage is via an analog meter like you have.  You bill is inflated using a smart meter!!!

OMG!  I kept my analog meter for health reasons and it turns out it is saving me money!

Please go to this website, watch the trailer movie and let's all be sure to watch the full feature film when it is available.  Also, please consider donating to help these brave people finish this important film.

And if you learn before I do when the feature film is out, please let me know.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Smart Meters Make Local Newspaper

 I discussed the topic of smart meters in this blog...

Click here to read the latest on this topic which made our local newspaper recently...and how many worry about health effects and are opting out of getting the smart meter installed in their home...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fluoride: Good or Bad?

I was in my dentist's office yesterday. And there on the wall was a small newspaper clipping: Fluoride Classified as Carcinogen.

I've spoken on this subject---the halogens---the 7th column on the periodic chart many many times to both community and physicians groups. There is just soooo much to say that I can't simply cover it in this blog.

So, I'm going to just say a few things about fluoride and then give my readers some links to where they can "knock themselves out" and learn more.


7th column on the periodic chart -- halogens.

They all have seven electrons in their outer valence ring---and searching for that one additional electron to become a 'stable' octet (8 electrons).

Of all the atoms on that column, I (iodine/iodide) is the only one that is of critical health importance.

The problem is there is a chemical law called 'halogen displacement' that says anything higher on the column pushes out the elements/atoms below it. So that means:

Fluoride pushes out bromide, chloride and iodide

Chloride pushes out bromide and iodide

Bromide pushes out iodide.

See a theme here yet?

That theme is that iodide is getting nuked---and why we are seeing insane 3rd world country levels of iodine/iodide in our clinic population right here in the USA. Why? Because the iodine isn't in our food supply AND all the other halogens that are pushing it right out of our system.

But this blog wasn't suppose to be about iodine/ was suppose to be about fluoride/fluorine (F).

F has the highest electronegativity of ALL elements on the entire periodic table Just look at the table above and you'll see F is red with an electronegativity of 4.0.

What does this means?

This means that F is the ultimate electron hog...the ultimate electron is the best and strongest at stealing electrons from every other molecule else including your own cells, organs, tissues etc. This "stealing electrons" means it is an pro-oxidant. And THAT means it is the OPPOSITE of a anti-oxidant---an electron donor.

Now, look at the electronegativity of oxygen to the left of F---3.5.

What does this mean?

This means that even the vital forces of life itself---electron transport along the mitochondrial chain resulting in precious ATP (pure energy)--are easily disrupted via an atom of F just hanging around in the same neighborhood.

Why? Cuz the F, having a higher electronegativity, will grab those electrons and NOT let oxygen have them---thereby shutting down this vital mitochondrial process.

For those geeks that want more detail about the electron transport chain, here it is:

The electron transport or respiratory chain gets its name from the fact electrons are transported to meet up with oxygen from respiration at the end of the chain. The overall electron chain transport reaction is:
2 H+ + 2 e+ + 1/2 O2 ---> H2O + energy
Notice that 2 hydrogen ions, 2 electrons, and an oxygen molecule react to form as a product water with energy released in an exothermic reaction. This relatively straight forward reaction actually requires eight or more steps. The energy released is coupled with the formation of three ATP molecules per every use of the electron transport chain.
Got the picture?

And that picture is this:

1. The above biochemical process is fundamental to life itself--ATP generation.

2. This process involves the 'transfer of electrons' to oxygen (3.5 electronegativity and strong grabber of electrons).

3. When F is in the same neighborhood, being stronger than O (remember, F has electronegativity of 4.0), the F (not the O) grabs those electrons.

4. End result: Vital biochemical reaction has shut down.

If the above isn't reason enough to eliminate F from your life, how about this: It accelerates aging via the same process above! And this is why Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, the great reseacher, called his book the "The Aging Factor"---his book was right on then and it still is right on!
Sources of fluoride: Water, toothpaste, dental treatments, Teflon cookware, green tea, many Rx drugs, etc...


During my lectures when I remind doctors of their first chemistry class in electronegativity I always see their jaws drop and the sparks fly over their head----OF COURSE FLUORIDE IS A POISON! HOW COULD I HAVE BOUGHT THE BUNK THAT F IS GOOD????

Here's some great links about F....

Parents Against Fluoride Poisoned Children

Fluoride Alert

Best book on the well documented history of how F go into America

Best book documenting how F destroys human health

Click here for website that shows molecular structure of your Rx drug. Just type in your Rx drug name and see if any toxic halogens --- especially F and Br--show up. When I first started checking each and every Rx drug against this website I was amazed how many patients were swallowing F daily and didn't even know it! For example, click here and see how the antibiotic Cipro contains F. You don't have to be a chemist to look at the pretty Cipro molecular structure and see the F. And btw, if your doc tells you the F does stays bound to the Cipro molecule, his opinion is disagreeing with the studies show huge doses of ionic F in the urine after a single dose of Cipro.

(Note: I am NOT advocating the readers stop using their Rx drugs!!! Talk to your doctor if you are concerned...or at the least, come in and let us check your Iodine/iodide levels!)

Get the F out of your life....and heal.

I love you all. Stay tuned...

Quote of the Day:

Sure, you can't do it all.
But you can do something.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super-Resilent People

Going through a hard time?

Ever wonder if you'll ever bounce back to "the way you were"?

Sure...we've all been there.

I stumbled across an article in one of my magazines entitled "Secrets of Super-Resilient People". The article was written by M.J. Ryan--who wrote a book called AdaptAbility: How to Survive Change You Didn't Ask For.

Of course I had to read that article!

And I'll probably end up buying the book too!

Resiliency experts have found that those people that survive and thrive in times of adversity believe in the three C's:

1. Challenge

2. Control

3. Commitment


CHALLENGE: A person is more likely to bounce back if they look at their adversity as a "chance to grow". Personally, I can tell you that my biggest gains in my own physical, emotional and spiritual growth came after times of adversity.

And doesn't that make sense?

People are inherently lazy. Why change unless we have a reason to, right? And so, God gives us an adversity to insure that we learn our lesson, change etc.

CONTROL: Resilient people don't concentrate on what is outside their control. Instead, they believe they can change their life for the better and thus, concentrate on changing the things they can change.

There's something called 'locus of control' I remember learning about somewhere at sometime in my past studies.

One's locus of control can be inside you or outside themself.

If your locus of control is inside you, then you believe that through hard work and effort you can change your personal world. Termed 'internal locus of control'.

If your locus of control is outside yourself, you believe nothing you do really matters because everything is outside your control and so, you just let the wind blow you where it will. Termed 'external locus of control'.

Personally, I have a very strong internal locus of control. I dunno where I got it from, I just got it. My internal locus of control has helped me many times during my life---including saving my own life on two occasions.

Unfortunately, however, I have to admit that having a strong internal locus of control can have its negative consequences as well. And this negative consequence is called 'co-dependency' because a person with a strong internal locus of control may try to 'fix' things that one has no control over--such as the behavior of another human being.

COMMITMENT: Resilient survivors believe life has a meaning and purpose and so, keep on truckin' despite the rainy days/weeks in their life.


The following are the questions the article recommends we ask ourself to make sure that we have all three C's in our life:


How could what I 'm going through be a growth opportunity?

For example, loss of job allows you to spend more time with family and friends.


What can I control?

What can I do to feel more in control?


What gives me meaning and purpose and how can I get involved?

Why? Because when you do what you really love, you feel better about yourself, you feel better about your life and thus, you are automatically happier--even in times of adversity.

I love you all. Stay tuned....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lipitor: Thief of Memory....or more?

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I danced both Friday and Saturday nights. Much fun. Great exercise. And, ok, I'll admit it, I'm sure the dancing is doing a number on my neurotransmitters and thus, is giving me a 'high'. Especially the hustle dance which soared me way out there into a stratospheric high! Ahhhhh.......

But like I told someone the other day, if we feel we have to point our 'addictions' in some direction, best we use our addictive tendencies for good rather than evil. Eh?

So, now you know why I've been offline a bit---dancing! Such a "legal" joy it has brought to my life and the life of many others. As I looked around the room last night and watched all the smiling and happy faces "make the music visible" by flowing their body to the beat of the music all I could do was stand there in gratitude......and happiness to see so many of my fellow man feeling bliss in a manner that's not hurting, but helping, their health.

Well, I'm sure you all do not wanna just hear about my dancing weekend. So, let me start changing the course of this blog's dance back toward Limit Age Syndrome....

As my readers now (hopefully) understand, the body is struggling to keep the glucose low (optimal: 80-85) due to the severe toxicity of glucose upon health. The body strives to lower the glucose by storing it as triglycerides, VAT and SCAT. When those areas to "sweep the glucose under the rug" are reaching their max tipping point (and each person has their own unique tipping point) then the glucose starts to rise. Yep, by the time your fasting glucose is even 90 you are clearly on your way to Limit Age Syndrome. Glucose and hemoglobin a1c are the last biomarkers to go up---and, go figure, these last rising biomarkers are the biomarkers your doc is looking for before he treats you with diabetic drugs.

What happens long before you get your diabetic Rx prescription, however, is that you will most likely get a prescription for some cholesterol lowering drug, like Lipitor.

News flash: Your elevated cholesterol problem is a symptom of your Limit Age Syndrome.

The elevating glucose is causing inflammation of your cells, tissues and organs. Think of inflammation as getting scratches or booboos on your arm. Except these booboos are happening inside your arterial system. And what is the natural response to a booboo on your arm? Let's put a band-aid on it, right? And that's what the body is doing. Raising the cholesterol to help protect some of those booboos. Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying things but we have to remember that the elevated cholesterol is not a separate disease----it is Limit Age Syndrome starting to bloom.

As I write this I am reminded of one of my patients. He's a 63 year old male with Limit Age Syndrome. His fasting glucose was 97 but his cholesterol was high and he was on Lipitor.

When I told him that his high cholesterol was due to his Limit Age Syndrome (ie: his lifestyle) he said "Oh no. I asked my doctor why I had this elevated cholesterol and he specifically told me it was genetic and there was nothing I could do about it."

Well, the truth is there is a form of "familial hypercholesterolemia" due to genetics. But in these cases the cholesterol is far higher than his and the person has had their high cholesterol readings go all the way back to their youth.

So, I asked him "Tell me the history of your high cholesterol."

And he told me about how it had just started going up in the last few years and that's when the doc put him on Liptor.

So, seriously, without even cracking a smile I looked at him and said to his left brained, analytical engineering mind " So, I'm just curious what doc and medical facility gave you your gene DNA transplant?"

He looked at me perplexed. Blinked a few times. And then a long pause. I could see the dust bunnies begin to shake loose on the cog wheels of his mind. Silence.

And then he said: "Ah......ummmmm.... I didn't get any DNA gene transplant."

And just as matter of factly I responded, "Well, if your high cholesterol is due to your genes AND you didn't get a DNA gene transplant AND you have the same genes as when you were younger when your cholesterol was normal, then how do you explain all that?"

Another long pregnant (aka: VATty) pause I continued to say....

"Because I don't agree with your doctor. I do NOT believe your high cholesterol is due to your genes. I believe your high cholesterol is due to your lifestyle".

Once he "got" what I was saying, he "made up his mind" and literally overnight he became one of my best, most compliant patients ever. It has now been several years and he still is off Lipitor, has excellent biomarkers and looks/acts 10-20 years younger than his 60's age. In fact, he's off every one of his Rx as they were all needed due to the lifestyle he was living prior to seeing me.

Because I see so many patients with what appears to be their first Limit Age Syndrome/Diabetic Rx---Lipitor---I would like to make a few interesting comments about this drug. Perhaps knowing a little about this drug will scare people straight enough to "change their lifestyle" so that they, too, don't need to take Lipitor to reduce their cholesterol.

Note: No matter what I say after this point it does NOT mean I am recommending that you stop taking your Lipitor! Heavens no! I'm saying that we should change our lifestyle so Lipitor is no longer one of our "recommended food groups".

Let's start by reminding everyone that pretty much all drugs are poisons. Yes, there are a few exceptions like Synthroid (synthetic T4 thyroid hormone) or Premarine (synthetic estrogen derived from Pregnant Mares Urine---hence the name), but most drugs would not work if they weren't a poison. In other words, the "mode of action" of most drugs is that they poison a biochemical step---thus, causing the removal of the symptoms.

Of course, doctors don't feel comfortable saying "I'm going to give you this toxic poison in the hope of healing you."

Because if the docs did share this truth with their patients, most every patient with half a cell of common sense in their brain would say "You want me to take a toxic poison for the rest of my life....... and you call that a healing?"

So, our medical community uses nice, sweeter words such as "inhibitor" or "blocker"---these substitute words are much easier on the ears than "toxic poison".

There are many many examples. Prosac and Zoloft are SSRI's---selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Several high blood pressure drugs are angiotensin inhibitors. And how about COX-2 inhibitors like Vioxx? COX-2 inhibitors are responsible for inhibiting a biochemical reaction responsible for pain and inflammation.

But what became acutely obvious with Vioxx, when you swallow an "inhibitor" or "blocker" drug, the drug is inhibiting COX2 everywhere in the body---not just in your aching knee joint.

And that's when you sit back and wait to experience the drug's side-effects----the effects of poisoning....I mean inhibiting, that chemical reaction everywhere in your body. And sometimes these side-effects are so obviously life threatening that the drugs are voluntarily or involuntarily removed from market. Vioxx being just one recent 2004 voluntary recall.

Btw, if you haven't viewed Side Effects, the movie, I highly recommend it! It is a true story, written, directed and produced by a former top performing drug representative.

But I digress....back to Lipitor.

Lipitor is a "HMG inhibitor".

More specifically Lipitor is a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitor. But can't we just say HMG inhibitor for short?

HMG is an early and rate-limiting biochemical step in cholesterol biosynthesis. In other words, HMG is the enzyme responsible for making cholesterol in your body.

This same HMG enzyme is also responsible for making CoQ10 for your body.

CoQ10 is a very important substance as it is vital in the last step of the Kreb Cycle to product ATP. ATP, pure energy, is needed by the whole body but especially the metabolically active organs such as the liver, kidney, muscles, brain and heart. Especially the heart because the heart takes no vacations and is working 24/7.

So, if you are listening intently, are you having some cognitive dissonance? Lipitor lowers your cholesterol by poisoning, I mean "inhibiting" HMG which is supposedly to help your cardio system. But at the same time the Lipitor is lowering your vital reserves of CoQ10 which is also vital for your heart.

See a problem?

That's why if you are on Lipitor most all alternative docs recommend you take quite a bit of CoQ10 along with it and even for a few months after stopping to Lipitor.

Now, most of my health conscious readers are not surprised by the above CoQ10 factoid. We've known about it and chatted about it for years and years now.

But here's something you may not know. And most docs did not know as I travelled the country for over a year sharing this vital information to open-minded physician groups......

Lipitor contains fluorine!

See the itty bitty F hanging off that molecule?


But how can I explain in one blog how important "F's" are in our environment and drug supply when it took me over six hours and 600 slides to explain it in a medical seminar?

Answer: I can't.

And thus, I'm going to get on with my life today. I have not yet enjoyed my morning "liquid meditation" (aka: swimming laps) and crave it so right now.

Thus, I will leave this "F" discussion for my next few blogs. Don't miss reading them! Important info to know even if you are not taking Lipitor yourself.

Hope you all have a groovy, cool Sunday. Rock on.

I love you all. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liposuction: Behind the Curtain of Oz

I know an acquaintance who works in the liposuction medical arena. So, I decided to pick her brain a bit about what life is like behind the liposuction curtain of Oz.

The bottom-line of our conversation was, and she said these words several times during our conversation was, "The patient MUST change their diet and exercise".

Here's our conversation as best as I can recall:

If patients don't change their diet and exercise, the results can and will be tragic. The reason is that liposuction only removes the SCAT--subcutaneous adipose tissue--on the OUTSIDE of the abdominal wall. As said in prior blogs, this SCAT has a protective role in that while SCAT is ugly, it deters the fat from being deposited in the VAT--visceral adipose tissue--where the fat will do so much more harm.

So, think about it. During liposuction the SCAT cells are removed. Then what if the person does NOT drastically change their diet and exercise? What will happen is the fat will have to be deposited in the SCAT somewhere. If there are some remaining SCAT cells in the area that was liposuctioned, then the fat will be deposited there--but that space will be quickly max'd out because so much of the SCAT cells were removed with liposuction. And thus, the fat will be deposited in another unsightly area.

To illustrate this point I was given several examples. For example, a person can have liposuction of their abdomen and then if the do NOT change their diet and exercise they end up with thick, fat, cottage cheese thighs. And soon, they are begging their lipo doc for liposuction of their thighs---not realizing that the liposuction of SCAT from around their waist caused the fat to go to their thighs.

Another shocking example was of a woman who did not change her diet and exercise program.

Thus, after each liposuction she gained fat but in another location. Over time she has had virtually every part of her body liposuctioned multiple times. So now that she still has not changed her diet and exercise program, her body is storing her fat in a large, unsightly fat lump on her back!

Shocking! But true.

The body has its wisdom. You simply can't trick Mother Nature. And what Mother Nature wants is for us to eat according to our design and get plenty of exercise.

And if we don't, then she is going to store that extra fat first in the VAT and then once the CVATT is reached, the fat will be stored in any other place where a few fat cells reside and thus, can be filled.

Mother Nature is NOT doing this to make us miserable and look gross. Our body is doing this to 'save our life'---because depositing the fat anywhere other than VAT is healthier.

As for that itty bitty, thin, gorgeous woman with a bulge of fat forming on her back, what's next for her now that she's gotten that liposuctioned out?

The way I look at it, she is absolutely no different than the Sumo wrestler discussed in prior blog. Think about it. Like the Sumo wrestler, her SCAT is max'd out. Mr. Sumo's is max'd out because of how big he got. Ms. Lipo is max'd out because she removed all her SCAT cells and thus, she max'd out too.

So, metabolically there is little difference between Mr. Sumo and Ms. Lipo---except that she's skinny.

I'd imagine she's close to reaching a point where there will be no more SCAT left to store her fat---because all her fat cells were all sucked out of her. And thus, the fat will be forced to be stored in her VAT so that she even more greatly surpasses her critical VAT threshold (CVATT).

Just like the Sumo wrestler....

And like Mr. Sumo, a premature death may follow for Ms. Lipo because her SCAT storage areas have been max'd out and thus, there is a fast and rapid deposition of fat into the VAT---at which point all metabolic chaos will break loose in her.

Sad but true.

So, here's the moral of the story: "You can run but you can't hide."

Or, as I have preferred to say it in prior blogs: "You can battle with the Beast (VAT) but you can never bargain with the Beast."

While it is human nature for all of us (myself included) to seek the easiest way through life--such as with a magic pill or magic surgery--we need to face the "facts of life", "put our big girl panties on" and remember what the liposuction pro said "The patient MUST change their diet and exercise."

Because no matter how much you want to believe in the wizardry of Lipo Oz, when you get behind the curtain and see the truth, you must realize that you already have the tools needed to be youthful and full of stamina....

All you have to do is just tap your heels together and let your mind take you there.

More on this later...

I love you all. Stay tuned...